More than 60 years ago, Joe Bearak, my dad purchased the company he worked for, Chicago Sole Leather. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s Chicago Sole Leather became the leading supplier of leather to shoe repair shops across the country. Soon, Chicago Sole Leather (CSL) was selling not only leather, but all the other items a shoe repair shop purchased. By the mid 1990’s, all shoe repair shops looked to CSL for their supply needs ranging from leather to equipment to retail shoe care products.

In 1997, I started Justin Blair & Company, named after my son Justin Blair, to continue the family connection with shoe care and created the Ralyn Brand, named after my daughter Rachel Lynn. Today, Justin Blair & Company takes pride in being the most sought after supplier of shoe care products in the industry. Our shoe care products can be found at shoe stores across the country.

We now offer the same professional grade shoe care products sold by shoe stores, direct to you through the RalynShoeCare website. Now that you have taken the time to learn about us, we invite you to care for your footwear as much as we care about our products by ordering today. We look forward to hearing how well our products perform!


Marvin Bearak