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A pair of men's dress shoes being shined with a shine brush

Understanding Polishes

Ralyn offers three different kinds of shoe polishes: Cream, Wax or Self Shine. Cream polish moisturizes leather and keeps it flexible. It soaks into the leather and allows leather to breathe. Cream polish is good at restoring shoe color, but it is not as good as wax polish in repairing scuffs. Wax polish shines leather […]

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A pair of men's dress shoes and a few pair of cedar shoe trees

Keep Shoes Looking and Smelling Fresh

Store leather shoes with a cedar shoe tree. This will help retain the shape of the shoe as well as reduce moisture and odors. To freshen shoes, use Ralyn Shoe Deodorizer to remove odors. Use Ralyn Leather Lotion to condition and moisturizes the leather. Using this product will help maintain the life of your shoes.

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2 people running through a puddle of water wearing athletic clothes and athletic footwear

Protecting Footwear

Protection from the elements (water, mud, dust, snow or salt) Leather Use Ralyn Aquatec. Spray over entire surface. Let dry before wearing outdoors. Also consider Ralyn Mink Oil to help waterproof and preserve your shoes, however it may darken lighter shades of leathers. For lighter leather colors use Ralyn Liquid Silicon to waterproof, it will […]

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Multiple men's shoes on display

How to Shine a Leather Shoe

Clean surface using Ralyn Leather Lotion. Use a damp cloth to wipe shoes, allow to dry at room temperature. Use Ralyn Shoe Polish along with a Ralyn Shoe Brush to work polish into leather. Buff to a shine using a Ralyn Shine Cloth. When caring for shoes with laces, it is best to remove the […]

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